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At Firm19, we specialize in generating national media coverage for businesses and industry experts in select fields. Our clients include both established businesses and startups, ranging from equities analysts to cybersecurity companies, venture capital firms, business analysts, healthcare innovators, political advisors, law firms and more. We also work with expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases.

While many PR firms resort to "spray and pray" email campaigns and press releases to try and garner attention, Firm19 takes a more effective approach. We believe in working strategically with the press to create compelling news stories and to find the right expert sources to explain the news. Rather than pursuing one-time hits, we serve our clients more effectively by developing close, long-term relationships with key media outlets to ensure better, more accurate and frequent coverage. For us, each story is an opportunity to establish a lasting relationship with the journalist and news outlet, and we work with many of the top national reporters, editors and producers on a regular basis.

High ethical standards are key to our business model, and we only work with clients who have strong credentials and industry experience. We see our mission as twofold: to help our clients achieve the national recognition they deserve and to assist the media in finding the most qualified sources to explain the news.