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Publicity. Delivering powerful earned-media placements in the world's leading news outlets.

Many PR companies promise their clients national publicity, but few can actually deliver. We can. National media coverage is our forte. We’ve generated over a thousand network TV interviews, and thousands more stories in newspapers, magazines and online news sites, local television and radio. The value of just one well-positioned story is easily worth an entire year (or more) of advertising. The coverage that we generate continues to pay dividends for years afterward.

Our clients are at the top of their fields - and we make sure the media knows it. By connecting our experts with leading reporters and producers, we help them establish a coveted position as the go-to source for their industry. Through our efforts, many of our clients are now regular names in the news, and they are even called upon to vet the claims of their competitors. ‘Expert sources’ hold a dominant position in their fields, and we can make it happen.


It's not what you say, but how you say it, and F19 can help. We've produced hundreds of published articles in top consumer, business and industry news outlets. We know how to craft an article, how to shape an idea, and how to make information compelling. Whether it's publishing a guest column in a high-profile media outlet, or producing insightful presentation decks, speeches, press releases and other communiqués, we have the expertise to make our clients look good.

Not every company wants to be on CNN. For many businesses, particularly those in the corporate or industry supply chain, it may be far more important to achieve recognition among key trade publications and specific business audiences. We can develop a custom strategy that will elevate your business’s profile among the key news outlets, blogs and influencers that define your market. We can also help you secure broader recognition and credibility by winning coveted industry awards, and the endorsements of key organizations.

It’s hard to quantify all of the creative work we do for our clients. From viral marketing ideas to trendjacking, website concepts, collaterals, strategic advertisements, product marketing, branded reports, trade show promotions and more, we’re never short on ideas and are always looking for creative ways to promote our clients and maximize their opportunities. We are experts at thinking for a public audience, finding what’s unique and interesting, and retooling a company’s approach to get more bang for the buck.


Landing that national TV interview is just the first step. Now you have to capitalize on your appearance. TV interviews are the most challenging medium from an imaging standpoint, so it’s important to know what to do, what not to do and how to take advantage - particularly when you’re squaring off with another guest. There are also important do’s and don’t’s with phone interviews. We work with leading companies and top executives to help them maximize their time in the spotlight.

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