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Firm19 is a strategic PR company, specializing in high-level targeted placements with the national press (TV, print, online and radio) on important issues of the day. We serve clients in a variety of fields, including technology, investing, law, security, health and politics. Our clients are all qualified, proven experts in their respective fields and we carefully vet all companies before agreeing to represent them. We also require all clients to maintain high ethical standards and we do not engage in misrepresentation, or "spin."


Over the past nine years, Firm19 has generated over 1,000 national TV placements for its clients, across all of the major TV networks. These organizations often turn to us for industry experts they can trust.

Firm19 was founded in 2009 by communications strategist Michael Sias. With over 19 years of experience in the communications field, Michael has an extensive background in the PR industry. He has advised publicly traded companies on strategic media and marketing campaigns, helped launch numerous startups, managed multi-state and national media tours, directed the communications programs of multiple industry conferences, established countless industry officials as leading national experts and guided companies through serious crises.


Prior to entering the PR field, Michael served as a political and communications analyst in the Florida House of Representatives, a campaign aide for state legislative races and a crime and government reporter for a daily newspaper.